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The Doriani brand can be traced back to two generations who have made style and the most sought-after quality their main business values.
In the 1930s, the first company specialized in the production of belts and suspenders of refined elegance; creative enough to identify particular patents, capable of making the products of its collections unique and more functional; an example are the belts and suspenders designed for the Navy, equipped with an amphibious container, absolutely waterproof, to house the smoking kit.
The second generation is the one that instead gave birth to one of the first clothing companies specialized in the production of outerwear: coats, raincoats, suits, for men and women, with distribution in 24 owned stores scattered in northern Italy._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It was the post-war years, the company was called STORM and it was among the few, if not the only one in the clothing sector, to participate in the Milan Campionaria Fair with its own stand, as evidenced by the numerous still existing photographic images.

The first of the 24 stores was in Milan in via Manzoni, developed on several floors, characterized by an extremely elegant atelier atmosphere, furnished with precious antique furniture, ancient Persian carpets and porcelain.

The success of STORM comes thanks to a product of great quality and style and an innovative distribution formula: the single-brand store chain, today chosen all over the world even by the biggest companies and fashion designers.
A series of vicissitudes leads to the decision to close the production branch of STORM in order to maintain the commercial part, restructuring it.
We are in the 70s and the third generation decides on the new corporate direction; the DORIANI brand dedicated to masculine elegance is created for a very high-level clientele.